MR. LONG EINDHOVEN King of the Asian Cuisine

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4 sterren uit 32 beoordelingen
2 mei 2021 om 20:10 The quality and quantity of the food is way more less then before.
21 feb 2021 om 2:10 Drinken vergeten.
8 nov 2020 om 14:06 I was very disappointed. Pho was too basic with an artificial taste of the stock. What I don't understand for this high price. The salad was completely dry.
20 okt 2020 om 14:12 Niet voor herhaling vatbaar, smakeloos. De hele middag heb ik last gehad van het eten.
12 okt 2020 om 15:46 Very good food and fast delivery
1 okt 2020 om 10:31 Not very tasty, fairly small portions!
5 sep 2020 om 22:53 Wanted to try something new so ordered here for the first time. I had the 'noodles spicy chicken', which were very tasteless: not spicy at all and little to no seasoning. The 'salad spicy chicken' was a lot tastier but also not very exciting.
3 sep 2020 om 15:45 Long time since i had a long one from mr long. Not bad mr long, not bad at all
10 aug 2020 om 21:39 lekker
6 aug 2020 om 13:31 Wederom een perfecte lunch! Waar de porties vorige keer wat aan de kleine kant waren waren ze nu iets rijkelijker gevuld, groter en nog lekkerder!
3 aug 2020 om 20:23 I like the food very much. But the restaurant always uses plastic bags for the delivery. Can you change all plastic bags to paper bags? These cheap quality plastic bags are very bad for the environment. Hope you can take my suggestion! Thank you.